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It’s no wonder that Julia Roberts (Oct 28 ’67; 00:16 AM; Atlanta, Georgia) has had such difficulties in maintaining a healthy long-term relationship.

Her natal horoscope shows Saturn rx ruler of the 7th as the singleton planet in the southern hemisphere with the rest of the planets below the horizon (i.e., lots of unfinished business in her early home life).

Saturn rx squares Mars ruler of the parental 10th and is quindecile Pluto, ruler of the 5th of ‘giving love’.

Her parents divorced at age four (SP Moo opp MC; tr. Ura opp MC). “Home was a battleground and her mother’s second husband showed little affection toward his stepdaughters. Julia sorely missed having a positive male role model in her life.”

Five years later, her dad, whom she loved deeply, died of cancer leaving her clinging to her brother Eric for male emotional support (tr. Ura cnj Sun; tr. Sat cnj Asc).

In late 1991, engaged to be married, she dumped Kiefer Sutherland at the altar, running off with actor Jason Patric (followed by Liam Neeson and Daniel Day-Lewis). SA Mars (r. 10th) and tr. Saturn (r. 7th) were opposed the Ascendant!

She divorced Lyle Lovett in March ’95 after a short 21-month marriage with tr. Saturn opposed Pluto-Venus, and tr. Uranus oppose the Ascendant.

Interesting how events in the early home life, repeat them selves in adulthood!

Julia Robert’s Birth Chart


Birth of Twins

The twin’s horoscope (born November 24, 2004 at 3:00 AM PST in Los Angeles, CA) shows parental concerns: peregrine Saturn retrograde, ruling the 4th, is conjunct the MC and quindecile Neptune in the 4th; Northern hemisphere emphasis, i.e., unfinished business in the early home life.

Both the twins and Julia’s horoscope (Oct 28, 1967; 00:16 AM; Atlanta, Georgia) shows new start measurements in 2009 to 2011. In 2009, the twin’s horoscope shows SA MC conjunct Saturn (r. 4th; “significant family development; a major move” – this could very well signify the father leaving the family). And in 2011, tr. Saturn will conjunct the Ascendant.

In Julia’s horoscope, relationship problems are evident with tr. Pluto=Sun/Moo in 2008, and both tr. Saturn and tr. Uranus=Sun/Moo in 2009 and 2010. SA Pluto will conjunct her Sun in 2009, and in 2011 tr. Pluto will square Saturn ruler of the 7th, with tr. Saturn oppose the MC and the SP Moon conjunct the MC!

Interesting to study both horoscopes of mother and children.

Julia Roberts’ Twins Birth Chart
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