Electional Astrology is the artful technique of finding the most auspicious date and time to begin an important event such as launching a business or new product, selling or buying a home, or getting married, just to name a few.

If you are planning to launch a significant event between now and the end of the 2010, you are going to encounter a few major hurdles! One of the first rules for creating the birth of an event is to avoid Mercury and Venus retrograde.

Venus began 6 weeks of retrograde motion today on October 8th and will return direct on November 18th (at 11:53 AM EST). Mercury will turn retrograde on December 10th until December 30th, 2010. That leaves a small window of time between November 19th and December 9th to initiate any major projects or events in 2010. A 20-day period of direct motion. However within that timeframe, there are important electional rules to consider!

Yesterday on October 7th I wanted to take advantage of the New Moon in Libra (starting at 2:45 PM EDT) to launch a new mp3 lecture on Electional Astrology and Event Planning…however Venus was turning retrograde a mere 12 hours later on October 8th (at 3:05 AM EDT)! I was ready to launch my new product and the thought of waiting until November 19th did not thrill me.

So I decided to go for it and find the best possible time to make it happen on October 7th AFTER the New Moon but BEFORE Venus turned retrograde…AND respecting the rules of electional astrology!

Not an easy task, but doable. Below is the event chart I chose to launch my new lecture on electional astrology and event planning. But why did I choose this particular time?


Electional Astrology: Choosing the Most Favorable Time to Launch Any Event

If you would like to strengthen your skills and learn how to find the most beneficial date and time to begin any important event in a stream-lined, no-nonsense approach that saves time and alleviates overwhelm, then check out this exciting and instructional new mp3 lecture here.

In this lecture, I take you through the do-s and don’t-s of electional astrology, creating the most beneficial event charts for 3 client case scenarios: launching a website or business online, selling (or buying) a home, and getting married (the best date and time to say “I do”).

Event Chart: Launch Mp3 Lecture on Event Planning


It is very interesting to study the astrological activity in Brad Pitt’s horoscope (December 18, 1963; 6:31 AM CST, Shawnee, Oklahoma; 11 Sag 54) throughout his relationship with Jennifer Aniston (February 11, 1969; 10:22 PM, Los Angeles, CA; Asc 24 Lib 40).

In Pitt’s horoscope, when they started their relationship in 1998, tr. Saturn was square the conjunction of Moon, Venus, and Mercury ruler of the 7th. SA Uranus was square Mercury (SA Ura=Mer), and the SP Moon was square the SA Sun. In Aniston’s horoscope: tr. Saturn was conjunct Saturn (Sat r. 4th, practically in the 7th), square MC, and oppose the Ascendant; SP Moon square Saturn, and oppose MC!!! (not to mention, SA Asc=Mar (r. 7th); Asc=Ven; Mar=Moo; Sun=Moo).

In Pitt’s horoscope, when they married in July 2000, tr. Pluto was conjunct the Ascendant with SA Ven=Mer (“romantizing; thoughts of love”). In Aniston’s: tr. Saturn was opposed Mars (r. 7th); SP Moon square Mars and Ascendant.

They are now separating seven years later from the time they began in 1998. In Pitt’s case: Tr. Saturn is opposed Moon, Mercury, and Venus; and the SP Moon is opposed SA Sun. In November 2005, SA Pluto will semisquare the Ascendant (SA Plu=Asc…the exact same contact at the time of their marriage), accompanied by SA Uranus square the Moon (SA Ura=Moo)! In Aniston’s case: tr. Saturn is conjunct MC, and square Saturn (r. 4th) and Ascendant; SP Moon square MC, conjunct Saturn, and oppose Ascendant.

The seven-year cycle of transiting Saturn is certainly interesting to study! With Aniston, it is again the seven year cycle of transiting Saturn, in sync with the SP Moon.

Brad Pitt’s Birth Chart

Jennifer Aniston’s Birth Chart

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