I had a consultation with a new client the other day, who had had a severe problem with recurring bladder infections, continuously —non-stop— over the past five years. As soon as she would finish taking antibiotics and the symptoms cleared up, the bladder infection, would return. Miraculously however, over the past few months, she was astonished to observe that her bladder infection had not returned. It had vanished. It was gone! Read the entire essay here…


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The Consultation Process: Talking About Health and Illness

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With the recent passing of Lynn Redgrave and her eight-year battle with cancer, I was intrigued to study her horoscope and life events to understand what may have triggered the onset of her breast cancer diagnosis in 2002. It was within that year Redgrave found a lump in her breast. In December she was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a mastectomy in January 2003 and underwent chemotherapy.

According to Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer and the German New Medicine, the emotional conflict associated with the breast glands is a “nest conflict,” a worry or argument conflict (caring and nurturing) within what a woman considers to be her “nest.” In other words, her children, mother, pet, partner, home, workplace, etc. The worry can be over a concern of a loved one, or even being thrown out of her “nest.” The milk ducts of the breast are associated with a separation conflict, a sudden loss of physical contact or a conflict such as to say “my child, mother or partner has been torn from my breast.”

The Moon and the sign of Cancer rule over the breasts. In Redgrave’s natal horoscope (shown below; born on March 8, 1943 at 8:15 AM in London, UK; Ascendant 8 Aries 51), Jupiter in Cancer in the 4th house squares the natal Moon and the Ascendant (the health center of the body). The Moon rules over the 4th and 5th houses, over affairs involving one’s home life and children.

As I studied the three years leading up to her diagnosis in late 2002, the year 1999 stood out like a sore thumb: Solar Arc (SA) Pluto was conjunct Neptune (co-ruler of the 12th house of critical illness), SA Neptune=Moon, and SA Saturn=Sun! Throughout 1999, transiting Neptune and transiting Saturn were semisquare her natal Sun in the 12th house.*

*Please note: an overview of the astrological indicators of critical illness and a short introduction to Dr. Hamer’s work can be found in the essay “The Two-Year Clue,” May 2010.

I felt certain that 1999 was critical in understanding the emotional conflict that triggered her cancer diagnosis. I googled “Lynn Redgrave 1999” and sure enough, it was at that time that Redgrave learned that her husband John Clark of 32 years had fathered a child with his assistant, Nicolette Hanah in 1991 — the same woman who married their oldest son Benjamin four years later. John and Nicolette kept this secret until after Nicolette and Ben divorced.

Redgrave told The Times of London in 1999: “I can’t forgive him. There’s no way we can be back together. There’s no wavering on my part.”
She filed for divorce on March 1, 1999, and after the court trial moved from California with their three children and took up residence in Connecticut.

The emotional conflict may very well have been on-going throughout the years ahead. Her ex-husband John Clark wrote on his blog in September 2005 in reference to an upcoming interview with Lynn Redgrave by interviewer Robert Osborne:

“Robert, do me a favor now. Just ask her, as part of the interview, why she feels it necessary to keep my kids from me? It’s been 6 years since I heard from Kelly Clark, and 3 years since Annabel Clark, and over 1 year since Ben Clark. Ask her too why she feels it necessary to keep restraining orders in place to prevent me from even having a conversation with her — hence this website.”

The astrology supports on-going health concern as well:

In 2003/2004, SA Saturn was conjunct Pluto, SA Neptune was opposed Uranus (both planets, co-rulers of the 12th house) and transiting Saturn was square the Ascendant and the Moon.

In 2005, SA Mars (r. Asc) was opposed Neptune (co-r. 12th), with transiting Saturn opposed Mars.

In 2006, transiting Saturn was conjunct Pluto.

In 2007, SA Pluto opposed the Ascendant, with transiting Saturn square Uranus (co-r. 12th).

In 2008 and 2009 the measurements intensify with the extended transits of Pluto square natal Neptune, and Neptune semisquare the natal Ascendant and Moon. Transiting Neptune was also conjunct Mercury in the 12th house, and finally transiting Saturn was opposed the Sun, semisquare Pluto, and conjunct Neptune.

Other unexpected emotional conflicts may have contributed to her debilitation as well. Her brother had a sudden heart attack in June 2005 (he died in April 2010, just one month before Lynn Redgrave passed), and a little more than a year ago, her niece Natasha Richardson died suddenly from head injuries in a skiing accident.

Without speaking with Lynn Redgrave directly, we will never know how she perceived these conflicts the very moment they occurred, but life circumstances do support Dr. Hamer’s theories for an emotional conflict associated with the breasts. Perhaps Redgrave was unable to find
resolution and closure to the scandal that disrupted her family ‘nest’ and ended her 32-year marriage.

For a deeper understanding of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer’s work and the German New Medicine, please visit www.germannewmedicine.ca. You can also read a free sample of my eBook “How Emotional Conflicts Trigger Disease – An Astrological View.”

Lynn Redgrave's Birth Chart

Yves Saint Laurent

June 19, 2008

Yves Saint Laurent (born August 1, 1936 at 7:45 PM GMT in Oran, Algeria; Asc 23 Aqu 17) was apparently diagnosed with a brain tumor last year. He also suffered from severe depression and underwent treatment for alcohol abuse. Health issues were a serious problem in the late 1980’s.

I find several configurations in the natal horoscope quite telling: Uranus (r. Asc) is square the Sun (r. 7th) which doesn’t bide well for smooth relationships. This configuration could be considered a ‘peregrine island square,’ hence high nervous tension and independence can run away with his identity. Note that Sun=Uranus=Mars/Ascendant: “testiness; argumentative; temper; ego aggrandizement.”

I think this peregrine configuration is very pertinent as we see in 2004 that tr. Pluto was not only square Saturn (ruler of the 12th house), but also sesquiquadrate the Sun and Uranus right through 2006. This coincides with the Solar Arc SA Neptune square Ascendant (Sep ’06). In 2005/2006 as well, tr. Saturn was conjunct Pluto and the Sun, and square Uranus (r. Asc). Then in 2007/2008 we see enormous tension with the Ascendant: tr. Saturn opposed the Ascendant, and tr. Neptune conjunct the Ascendant.

I find the natal midpoints quite telling of his psychological/emotional state.

Ascendant=Saturn/Pluto=Mars/Saturn=Moon/Saturn: sadness; struggling for every step of advance; possible health threat; a reserved (hurt) self-presentation.
Neptune=Moon/Uranus: “nervousness about a sense of futility; things are unclear and unsecure for no apparent reason.”

Mars=Moon/Pluto: “often an intense emotional crisis; great tension; too much energy not knowing where to go; frustration and anger.”

Also interesting to consider is Sun quindecile the Moon (the lack of objectivity; extreme self-centeredness and being oblivious to rest of the world) and Sun quindecile Ascendant, a “you will notice me” attitude, which seems to contradict his reclusive Capricorn Moon in the 12th house however this may have been part of his struggle with the outer world.

Certainly a fascinating horoscope worth further study.

Yves Saint Laurent's Birth Chart

 Studying the horoscope of Sydney Pollack (born July 1, 1934 at 4:30 PM in Lafayette, IN; Asc 3 Sag 06), I do not see the usual telling signs of critical illness over the past three years leading up to his diagnosis (supposedly in Sept’ 07) of stomach cancer.

What we do see is tr. Saturn square the Ascendant, the first hit in September ’07 at the time of diagnosis with the final hit in June ’08 upon his passing. What stands out to me is tr. Saturn conjunct his Sun in the sign of Cancer (ruling over the stomach) in 2004, and then onward to conjunct Pluto in 2004/2005. Transiting Pluto was quindecile the Sun for an extended transit from March ’05 throughout October ’06 and that might be the most telling transit coupled with tr. Saturn.

In terms of Solar Arcs, there are two that stand out: SA Mars semisquare Jupiter, ruler of his Ascendant in October ’05 (the sense of attack from Mars on the health-center) coupled with SA Uranus conjunct the Sun. As well we see the Sun (in Cancer) arcing to conjunct the MC in January ’07. One would think that measurement may have coincided with career recognition and success, which it very well may have, but certainly signaling an important time. Perhaps in Pollack’s case, it signals health concern as if marking the culmination of Pluto’s extended quindecile to the Sun. Just some preliminary thoughts.


Sydney Pollack's Birth Chart

Luciano Pavarotti

September 15, 2007

Sometime last year, we discussed Pavarotti’s horoscope on Noel Tyl’s Discussion Forum when he underwent surgery for pancreatic cancer in June/July 2006.  

Yesterday, according to the BBC, Pavarotti was admitted to the hospital in his home town Modena, Italy. Spokespeople for Pavarotti have declined to comment on his treatment only saying that he was admitted with a fever. However, “A local newspaper reported that Pavarotti was diagnosed with pneumonia while on holiday with his family at a resort on the Adriatic seaside.”  

In recent years Pavarotti has been plagued with bad health. In March 2005, he had neck surgery to repair two vertebrae, while a bout of laryngitis forced him to cancel an appearance in Mexico in June last year. He also had back surgery and contracted an infection while in the hospital, which forced him to cancel further concert dates.  

Currently now upon his admission to the hospital, Pavarotti’s horoscope (born October 12, 1935 at 1:40 AM in Modena, Italy; Asc 22 Leo 31) shows transiting Saturn’s final conjunction with his Ascendant. Looking ahead, it would appear that health concerns will be heightened with SA Mars=Moon (ruler of the 12th house of critical illness) and SA Moon=MC, both in November 2007. Transiting Neptune will oppose his Ascendant throughout 2008 while transiting Saturn will semisquare the Sun (ruler of the Ascendant) and semisquare Pluto.

In the natal horoscope, Jupiter is the only planet in hard aspect (square) to the Ascendant. Jupiter is also in Scorpio the sign with significance to the disease cancer. So there is a predisposition to liver weakness in his horoscope, reinforced by Neptune square Mars in Sagittarius (Jupiter/Sagittarius rule over the liver).  

According to what is being reported, “a malignant pancreatic mass was able to be completely removed at surgery.” Looking over the past three years, tr. Pluto was conjunct Mars in Sagittarius in 2003 (with tr. Saturn semisquare the Ascendant into 2004). Tr. Saturn was then square both the Moon (ruling the 12th) and the Sun (ruling the Ascendant) in 2004. And as Amy noted, in mid-2005, SA Pluto was semisquare his Ascendant, and Saturn was transiting the 12th house of critical illness conjunct Pluto in the 12th! Currently now at the time of surgery and diagnosis, SA Uranus is square the Moon (r. 12th) with tr. Saturn about to conjunct the Ascendant for the first contact in October ’06.  

Looking ahead, tr. Saturn will conjunct his Ascendant (last hit in July 2007), with SA Mars square the Moon (r. 12th) toward the end of the year in November ‘07. That leads into 2008 with tr. Neptune oppose his Ascendant, and simultaneously square Jupiter at the very same time (i.e. natal Jupiter is square his Ascendant). So there certainly is, has been, and will be concern over his liver (particularly in 2008). Not to mention in mid-2009, SA Midheaven will conjunct Pluto in the 12th house!  

Luciano Pavarotti's Birth Chart

Since prostate cancer is relatively slow growing (in 3 out of 4 cases) in comparison to other types of cancer, we can look for astrological early warning signs more than 3 years prior to diagnosis. Often times in cases of prostate cancer, we can see astrological indicators occurring approximately 5 to 8 years prior to its detection.

Such is the case, I believe, with Merv Griffin (born July 6, 1925 at 4:45 AM PST in San Mateo Park, CA; Asc 10 Cancer 59).  

Merv Griffin was first diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1996. A second reoccurrence of the cancer occurred in 1999 and now within the last several weeks his third bout with cancer detected.  

In Griffin’s natal horoscope a tight conjunction between PLUTO and the Sun (in Cancer) sit just below the Cancer Ascendant. Opposing this configuration is the Moon (ruler of the Ascendant, in Capricorn in the 7th house). The Moon links up through a quindecile with Mercury (in Leo in the 2nd) ruler of the 12th house of critical illness, and finally natal Saturn in SCORPIO forms a square to Mercury. Pluto and Scorpio rule over the reproductive organs in both sexes (the prostate gland in men).  

When we look back to 1991 (5 years prior to his 1st diagnosis in 1996) and follow Saturn’s arcing position, we see that in 1991 Solar Arc Saturn was opposed the Ascendant. Two years later in 1993, SA Saturn opposed Pluto and the next year in 1994, SA Saturn opposed the Sun.  

Leading up to the 2nd reoccurrence in 1999, we see SA Saturn quindecile Mercury (r. 12th) in 1997, and two years later in 1999, SA Saturn conjunct the Moon (r. Asc).  

Now in recent months, SA Saturn is quindecile the Ascendant (exact in October ’06).  

In terms of important transits corroborating the probability that cancer may have begun to form as early as 1991/1992, at that time we see tr. Saturn opposed Mercury (r. 12th), tr. Neptune conjunct the Moon (r. Asc), and tr. Pluto square Neptune (always a difficult transit for health concerns).  

With the 2nd reoccurrence occurring in 1999, tr. Saturn was square the Ascendant, Pluto, the Sun, Moon and Mercury from 1997 through 1999, and tr. Neptune was opposed Mercury (r. 12th) as well.  

Perhaps Griffin’s most recent decline can be linked back 3 years to 2004 when tr. Saturn was conjunct the Ascendant, Pluto and the Sun, and opposed the Moon. In 2005, tr. Saturn was conjunct Mercury. The rulers of the Ascendant and 12th house joined together through solar arc contact as well (SA Mercury square the Moon), and finally adding to the difficulty, SA Pluto was semisquare Saturn and square the MC.  

Now in August 2007 at the age of 82, we find tr. Saturn semisquare the Ascendant, Pluto and the Sun.  

Merv Griffin's Birth Chart

In Snyder’s natal horoscope (born May 12, 1936 at 5:30 AM CST, in Milwaukee, WI; Asc 8 Gem 12), we see potential concerns with ailments ruled by Neptune/Pisces (such as those involving the blood; Snyder was diagnosed with Leukemia): natal NEPTUNE is square the health-center Ascendant, and as well square Mercury the Ascendant ruler (the chart’s final dispositor conjunct the Ascendant in the 1st house [i.e. the physical body]). We also see that Saturn in PISCES is pulled into a wide t-square with Neptune, Mercury and the Ascendant (that signals two strong references to Neptune/Pisces health concerns).

According to what I’ve read, Snyder learned of his diagnosis in April 2005, just two years ago. At that time we see SA Venus semisquare Mars (SA Venus=Mars; Feb ‘05), both planets co-ruling the 12th house of critical illness.

In terms of tracking the illness back to its initial manifestation in the physical body, we see potential health concern in the beginning of 2002 (3 years prior to diagnosis): Tr. Saturn was conjunct the Ascendant and Mercury, along with the first hit of tr. Neptune square Venus (in the 12th house and co-ruling the 12th)!

In 2003, tr. Neptune makes its final conjunction with the Midheaven at the very same time as tr. Pluto is square Saturn for its first contact. Concern is heightened further in 2004 with tr. Saturn conjunct Pluto (last hit June ‘05). We know that Pluto-Saturn and Saturn-Pluto contacts suggest difficulty, hard work and potential loss. Even more difficult when the two measurements occur at the same time as they did in Sept/Oct ’04.

We can also note in the natal horoscope that natal Pluto is semisquare Mercury and the Ascendant, therefore when any outer planet conjuncts Pluto, it also forms a hard aspect with the Ascendant and its ruler Mercury.

Such was the case with tr. Saturn throughout 2004 and 2005 (conjunct Pluto, semisquare Mercury and the Ascendant).

In 2006, tr. Saturn was square the Sun (life energy) and Venus (co-r. 12th), and opposed the MC. Moreover, SA Neptune was opposed the Sun (Dec ’06) with tr. Neptune square the Sun in the 2007, its retrograde hit now in July 2007 at the time of his passing. Neptune (signaling blood concerns) was front-and-center within the last year of his life.

Tom Snyder's Birth Chart

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