A look at Crystal Bowersox’s natal and draconic charts, her current transit activity and when she began to sing at age 10. Will she be the next American Idol in 2010?


Like many American Idol fans out there, I’ve become completely smitten by Crystal Bowersox’s voice and talent, and I think it goes without saying that whether she wins the competition or not, Crystal has put herself into the international spotlight and a soon-to-be record deal is without a doubt surely hers for the making.

So with a passion for astrology, birth time rectification and the music of Crystal Bowersox, I’ve come up with what I think is a very strong possibility for Crystal’s birth time: 11:00 AM with 3 Libra 35’ on the Ascendant —corroborating her natural beauty, and rounded face and stature with the ruler Venus in Cancer, conjunct her Midheaven (4 Cancer 11’).

Here’s what I’ve discovered while researching information about Crystal’s life with significant measurements:

Crystal was born on August 4, 1985 in Toledo, Ohio and grew up on a farm in a small town called Elliston outside of Toledo.

Her parents divorced when she was a young child (age/date unknown).

Her first performance was at age 7 in 2nd grade as ‘Susie Snowflake.’ Solar Arc Moon (r. 10th) was opposed the Ascendant (December 1992).
She began singing and playing the guitar at age 10 when she discovered her mother’s guitar around Christmas 1995. Crystal says, “As soon as I touched a guitar, I knew that’s what I was born to do. That’s never changed since I was 10.”

SA Pluto square Jupiter (Dec ’95), opposed Sun (Feb ’96; regardless of birth time). Tr. Saturn conjunct Moon (March ’96), Tr. Saturn opposed Ascendant, square MC (first hit May ’96).

Age 13: received a 12-gauge, sawed-off shot gun for her 13th birthday (August 4, 1998). SA Uranus square Moon (July 29, 1998); tr. Uranus opposed Sun (rx hit, June ’98).

Age 18: sold that shot gun to move to Chicago in the beginning of 2004 to pursue music. Tr. Neptune opposed Sun (last hit January ’04).

Age 20: summer 2006, June 21-25: invited for her first time out of the US to perform in Birmingham, England at a Festival entitled “Experience Chicago.” SA Uranus (r. 5th) opposed MC (exact June 27, 2006).

Age 22, in 2008 (exact dates unknown) traveled and performed in Los Angeles, Mexico, Memphis and Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey. Tr. Jupiter opposed MC.

Age 23, toward the end of 2008: moved back home from Chicago and decided to “do music full-time;” gave birth to her son, Anthony (born around December 2008 although exact birth date unknown). SA Uranus (r. 5th) semisquare Saturn (r. 4th) (exact December 2008). SA Saturn (r. 4th) conjunct Uranus (r. 5th) (exact January 2009). Tr. Node conjunct Jupiter in the 5th house (December 11, 2008).

Age 23: auditioned for American Idol in Chicago, June 22, 2009 and received a ticket to Hollywood. Tr. Uranus conjunct Moon (first hit June 19, 2009, rx hit July 13, 2009).

Age 24: January 2010: went to Hollywood, California where she made the Top 24 on American Idol. Tr. Saturn conjunct Ascendant (first hit December 2009). Tr. Pluto square Ascendant, and opposed the MC (January 2010; rx June/July 2010, last hit November 2010).

Age 24: hospitalized overnight March 2, 2010 for diabetes complications. Recovered and performed live on March 3rd on American Idol. Tr. Saturn conjunct Ascendant (rx hit exact February 17, 2010; last hit August 2010). Tr. Saturn square Venus (r. Asc; exact March 5, 2010). Tr. Uranus conjunct Moon (last hit March 16, 2010).

The finale of American Idol is scheduled to take place on Wednesday May 26, 2010 when the winner will be announced. A birth time at 11:00 AM places Crystal’s Draconic Ascendant at 19 Leo 51’. Transiting Pluto will be precisely sesquiquadrate her Draconic Ascendant for the retrograde hit on May 25, 2010 (and in her natal chart, transiting Pluto would be currently opposed her MC and square her Ascendant).

And finally, looking ahead to 2011 and Crystal’s first debut album: tr. Uranus opposed Ascendant, square MC!

Looking good, Crystal! Keep on knocking’em dead!

Proposed Rectified Birth Time: Crystal Bowersox’s Natal Chart

Rectified Birth Time: Crystal Bowersox’s Draconic Chart


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Proposed Rectified Birth Time: Sonia Sotomayor

Tonight Barry Manilow “coached” the contestants on their presentations of 50’s music. Barry Manilow commented that he absolutely loved coaching singers to be “the best they can be.” Particularly how the words of a song tell a story, and in order to be a good entertainer, instead of just singing a song, they needed to learn how to sing in a way that conveys the story.

I immediately thought that Manilow’s horoscope (born June 17, 1943; 9 AM; Brooklyn Heights, NY; Asc 9 Leo 34) must have an Oriental Moon or the Moon in or ruling the 5th house, and even a strong Jupiter / Sagittarius presence, all symbolizing his love of teaching and coaching. Sure enough, he has the Moon in Sagittarius (the need to have his opinions respected) in the 5th house of entertainment!

The Midheaven Extension Process is really worth studying, with Aries on the MC (and Taurus intercepted in the 10th):

1. Aries MC, ruled by Mars, final dispositor in the 9th. Mars in exact trine to the Moon in Sagittarius in the 5th. Mercury in Gemini (final dispositor) ruler of the communications 3rd is quindecile the Moon (i.e., teaching how to communicate [or sing] a story).

2. The Moon is in mutual reception with Jupiter ruler of the 5th. Jupiter forms an exact square to the MC (emphasizing teaching), and is sextile to Neptune in the 3rd (musical composition). Neptune is quincunx the MC (and rules the 9th).

3. Taurus on the MC, ruled by Venus leads to the Mercury in Gemini through dispositorship. Strong emphasis on the 3rd, 5th and 9th!

Barry Manilow’s Birth Chart

In rectifying Simon Cowell’s birth time, I’ve come up with October 7th, 1959; Brighton, England with a possible birth time at 5:59 PM (Asc 3 Tau 32; MC 14 Cap 03).

 In June 2003, Cowell sold his half-share in S Records for US$42 million to BMG, therefore becoming a multi-millionaire. In December 2003, he published his book “I Don’t Mean to Be Rude, But…” With a time of 5:59 PM, SA Jupiter arced to conjunct the Midheaven in June 2003. With Jupiter ruling the 8th (investments) and 9th (publishing), it seems to fit nicely.

 In 1979 Simon got his start at music giant EMI Music Publishing in London. SA Moon (r. 4th; new start) arced to conjunct the Midheaven, SA MC arced to square the Ascendant, and SA Sun (r. 5th; entertainment) arced to oppose the Ascendant.

In an interview he was asked “What role has failure played in you career? For instance, your label Fanfare Records went under in 1989, and your reality show Cupid was canceled in 2003.” Simon answered, “When I was 30 the company that owned Fanfare went bust, and I effectively lost everything. I had to move in with my parents. In hindsight, it was the best thing that happened in my life because I learned the value of money: not to borrow money and not to live beyond my means. And I learned that getting there is more fun than being there. But one thing that I have always been able to do is to own up to my mistakes and not blame others.” The astrology in 1989 at age 30 supports the ego wipe-out and change of status with tr. Neptune and tr. Saturn both conjunct his Midheaven and square his Sun!

It’s reported that he’s a high school drop-out. Although I don’t have the exact age he quit school, at age 16 and 17 (’75 and ’76), SA Ascendant was square Uranus (“opportunity for individuality”); SA Uranus arced to conjunct Pluto (“overturning the status quo; creating a whole new perspective for ego recognition”); with tr. Uranus oppose the Ascendant. Natal Jupiter ruler of the 9th is under tension from Pluto-Venus suggesting a potential break in his education.

Finally in 1989 he became a consultant for BMG at the age of 29 with tr. Saturn conjunct the Midheaven.

One other thought about the loaded 6th house is that he is also known for his animal rights activism and is a supporter of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Interesting that that is the house in which his Libra stellium falls!

Proposed Rectified Birth Time: Simon Cowell’s Natal Chart
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