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July 17, 2011


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We know the draconic chart has a mystical dimension about it, believed to represent our soul or higher self. Working on this premise, it represents parts of our makeup that feel innate or ingrained. The draconic chart seems to reinforce and assist energies and behavioral needs suggested in the natal chart. It highlights challenges as well, even obstacles looking for resolution that give way to necessary growth and development in this lifetime. The draconic chart in consultation sheds light on where energy should be focused. It illuminates developmental themes of greatest importance, and it confirms the ‘big bells’ in the natal horoscope. Read the entire essay here…


Delving Deeper into the Draconic Chart

Discover the secrets in your draconic chart. Have a Draconic Chart Consultation to learn what you are here to work on in this lifetime and where you should be focusing your energies.

Learn how to interpret the Draconic Chart with a one-hour instructive lecture: “Delving Deeper into the Draconic Chart.”


What is the purpose of my life? What has my soul come here to seek? Where should I focus my energy? —These are just a few questions many of us ponder about life. Can astrology provide insights and answers? I believe it can vis-à-vis the Draconic Chart. The Draconic Chart, derived from our natal horoscope, has perhaps been overlooked and underrated. Its origin, mysterious — the earliest traceable records date back to Babylonia with little referred to until the beginning of the 20th century. Its significance, mystifying — believed to reveal the patterns of our higher self or our true identity, our soul’s status at the point of its incarnation into this present lifetime. Read the entire essay here…

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