Video Series: The Draconic Chart

July 24, 2008

Learn about the draconic chart and discover how to work with the draconic horoscope in synastry with the natal horoscope.


Part 2: Calculating the Draconic Chart

Part 3:  The Draconic Sun and Moon

Part 4:  The Draconic Ascendant

Part 5:  The Draconic Midheaven

Part 6: The Aries Point

Part 7: The Final Dispositor and Midpoints

Part 8: The Draconic Chart in synastry with the Natal

Part 9: In Synastry: Paramahansa Yogananda

Part 10: In Synastry: Draconic Planets with the Natal Nodal Axis


Delving Deeper into the Draconic Chart

Discover the secrets in your draconic chart. Have a Draconic Chart Consultation to learn what you are here to work on in this lifetime and where you should be focusing your energies.

Learn how to interpret the Draconic Chart with a one-hour instructive lecture: “Delving Deeper into the Draconic Chart.”



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