Fidel Castro Announces Retirement (February 2008)

February 28, 2008

There are several birthdates for Fidel Castro. In today’s announcement of retirement, it is stated that he is 81 years old, hence born in 1926 (on August 13 in Biran, Cuba). If born in 1927, he would be 80 years old at this time of his announcement of retirement.

The birth time (stated by Astrotheme) is 2:00 AM which gives an Ascendant at 29 Gemini 55 and the Midheaven at 19 Pisces 37 (further Astrotheme uses 1926 as his year of birth).

Using this birth time (regardless of 1926 or 1927), we see that currently transiting Pluto is opposed his Ascendant (first hit January ’08) and transiting Uranus is conjunct his Midheaven (first hit March ’08)!!!! Those angular measurements could not be more exciting in terms of today’s announcement which seems to help solidify a birth time at 2:00 AM.

Next, looking at the natal Moon position if born in 1926 or in 1927, we see that in 1927 (using the same birth data), the natal Moon would be at 20 Aquarius 53 in the 9th house, and receiving a final conjunction hit from transiting Neptune in January 2008. But do we really need to see the Moon’s involvement with an important transit when we have tr. Pluto and tr. Uranus on the angles of Castro’s natal chart? If born in 1926, the natal Moon (at 11 Libra 13) is not activated at this time at all by transits or Solar Arcs. As well, why would Castro state that he is one year older had he been born in 1927?

Fidel Castro: 1926 Birth Chart


Fidel Castro: 1927 Birth Chart

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