Dan Rather Sues CBS (September 2007)

September 30, 2007

Dan Rather (born October 31, 1931 at 6:13 PM in Wharton, TX; Asc 19 Tau 08) is the former longtime anchor for the CBS Evening News (for 24 years from March 9, 1981 to March 9, 2005, his last broadcast) and contributor to CBS’ 60 Minutes.

Rather’s career at CBS News ended in 2004 when the contents of allegedly forged documents were broadcast in the heat of the 2004 US Presidential elections, which led to Rather’s 2005 dismissal from the anchor role, demotion to correspondent and later firing in 2006. 

According to a Washington Post article, sources from CBS said that executives at the network decided “there is no future role for Rather”. On June 20, 2006, CBS News president Sean McManus announced that Rather would be leaving the network after 44 years.

Since retiring, Rather has spoken out strongly about what he perceives as a lack of courage by American journalists. On January 24, 2006, he told a newspaper reporter, “In many ways on many days, [reporters] have sort of adopted the attitude of ‘go along, get along. What many of us need is a spine transplant. Whether it’s City Hall, the State House, or the White House, part of our job is to speak truth to power.”

On September 19, 2007, Dan Rather filed a $70 million lawsuit against CBS, its former parent company Viacom Inc., and three of his former bosses. Rather says the lawsuit is an effort to strike a blow against political and corporate influence that he believes threatens the independence of American journalism. Rather’s breach of contract suit charges that CBS made him the scapegoat when the network came under intense criticism over a September 2004 “60 Minutes II” story challenging President Bush’s service in the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam War. Six months later, he stepped down from the anchor chair he had occupied for nearly a quarter century — a departure he says was not voluntary.

Rather’s suit alleges that management at CBS and its then parent company, Viacom, shifted blame to him to pacify the White House and that on the day after Bush was re-elected, he was informed he would be removed as anchor of the CBS Evening News.

Rather said he is not interested in gaining financially from the suit and will donate a “substantial part” of any damages he collects to journalism organizations who work to keep “hard-nosed investigative reporting alive.”

The Astrology:

Currently right now, exact with the timing of Rather’s lawsuit (Sept 19, ’07) we see SA Uranus (r. 10th) square the North Node (exact Sept 18 ’07). As well, within the 28-30 year cycle of the SP Moon to the SP Sun (or SA Sun), Rather is exactly now at the first opening square (SP Moon square SP Sun)…exact on Sept 10, ’07! This lunar phrase is unequivocally a time of “taking action,” and that is exactly what Dan Rather is doing right now. The astrology coincides beautifully.

Next year, 2008, is undeniably a “hot” year for Rather. The line-up of the Solar Arcs alone, tells us that much is brewing for Rather: SA Jupiter conjunct Sun, SA Pluto square Moon, SA MC square Pluto, SA Mars=Asc, SA Mercury (r. 2nd, 5th) conjunct MC. In 2008, tr. Jupiter is opposed Pluto (r. 7th) and conjunct Saturn (r. 9th). Whether these measurements reflect his lawsuit or not, Rather has also formed an independent company called “News and Guts Media” and is reportedly working on a book.

The only potential “fly in the ointment” is tr. Neptune opposed Jupiter (i.e. justice?), and square Venus (r. Asc, 6th). Neptune coupled with Jupiter can suggest an overly idealistic hope that all will work out just perfectly, but on the other hand also suggests that Dan Rather is “doing his own thing.”

Based on the astrological activity in 2008, I believe we will be hearing much more from Dan Rather, and that this lawsuit might not just get swept under the carpet!

Rather has more to say, more to do, more to prove at age 75, and that’s what I think the astrology reflects as well.

Dan Rather’s Birth Chart

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