Zimbabwe’s Economic Crisis (August 2007)

August 15, 2007

According to BBC News:
“Zimbabwe’s annual rate of inflation jumped to 7,638% in July…” “The Central Statistical Office said inflation had more than doubled since May. Last month, the International Monetary Fund warned annual inflation could reach 100,000% by the end of the year. The Consumer Council of Zimbabwe has said the real year-on-year inflation is far higher than the official rate – claiming it was nearer 13,000% in June.”

“Zimbabwe’s economic crisis has led to an estimated three million people fleeing the country for South Africa. Unemployment stands at about 80% and there are mass shortages of fuel and foodstuffs. Last month a new 200,000 Zimbabwe dollar note was launched, in a bid to tackle the country’s inflation, the highest in the world.”

Zimbabwe received its independence from Great Britain on April 18, 1980 at 00.00 AM EET in Harare, Zimbabwe; Asc: 01 Aqu 38; MC: 29 Lib 17 [Source: Campion, The Book of World Horoscopes, (Second Edition, 1996), p. 448, citing the Times, 18 and 19 April 1980].

It is fascinating to study the solar arcs and transits in Zimbabwe’s horoscope now at the time of this crisis. Exact in September 2007, we see two major solar arcs:

Uranus, ruling both the Ascendant (the country’s identity, its people) and 2nd house (its economy and national wealth) has ARCED to square Saturn in the 8th house (the national debt and interest rates). Uranus also symbolizes rebellion, upheaval, and extreme change brought on through revolt (i.e. citizens saying, “We’re not putting up with this anymore”).

As well, SA Sun ruler of the 8th has arced to oppose Uranus (r. 2nd), echoing a “revolutionary spirit“, the nation’s life-energy is up against a financial crisis.

In Zimbabwe’s horoscope, natal Uranus (ruling the Ascendant and 2nd) is square Mars (in the 8th). The Midheaven has ARCED to this configuration, conjunct Uranus in the 10th and square Mars (May ’06, June ’08 respectively) highlighting the current monetary situation…and now in July/August, transiting Saturn is square Uranus and conjunct Mars!

How does the situation look ahead? Well in 2009, tr. Neptune will be conjunct Uranus symbolic of the Zimbabwe’s identity, people and economy, with SA Saturn conjunct Pluto in March 2010 (significant hardship that could shape the country’s history?).

Zimbabwe's Natal Chart


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