Farrah Fawcett – Intestinal Cancer (April 2007)

April 1, 2007

The plumbing system in our home is similar to our body’s digestive system. Whatever we put in our mouth and swallow must be absorbed. It must travel through the esophagus to the stomach where it is broken down into manageable pieces. It then needs to pass through the small intestines, down the large intestines and colon in order to be digested. Finally it must be eliminated through our anus. When our digestive system is not working properly, whatever we put in our mouth cannot be absorbed, digested or eliminated. Something is hindering our physical pipes.

When we think about this in metaphorical terms, a morsel or piece of food can be an object, person or desire. For example, it could be a house, car, money, reputation, job, contract, inheritance, or relationship. If we cannot catch it, hold on to it, bite it or swallow it, then we have a conflict of not being able to absorb something (the upper part of the digestive system). We may even experience a conflict of having to swallow something such as an offensive remark. If we have an intrusion within our territory (such as in our home, job or relationship) or some kind of frustration, vexation or chucks of anger that are indigestible, then we have a conflict of not being able to digest something (the middle part of the digestive system). If we are not able to get rid of something such as an ugly, dirty or vile action or we are not able to find a place within our territory and feel rejected or fear being useless, then we have a conflict of not being able to eliminate something (the lower part of the digestive system).

According to the medical theories of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, our perception of an unexpected emotional conflict can trigger the onset of illness in our physical body. Dr. Hamer’s highly-developed 20-year research establishes that disease is indeed a synchronous and symbiotic interaction among the psyche, brain, and physical body occurring simultaneously on all three levels — determined by how we perceive an unexpected emotional conflict the very instance it occurs in our life.

Dr. Hamer’s research in over 40,000 cases of illness emphatically proves that disease is initiated and triggered by an unexpected conflict-shock or traumatic event in which we are caught totally off guard or unprepared for and such an unforeseeable conflict occurs not only in our psyche but also simultaneously in the brain and on the corresponding organ.

According to Hamer’s findings, at the very moment the trauma occurs (the very instant it is perceived) the conflict-shock impacts a specific area in the brain causing a lesion that is clearly visible on a CT scan. Because each area in our brain is linked to a particular organ, the localization of the brain lesion determines which organ will be affected. Upon impact the shock is communicated to the corresponding organ. The affected brain cells send a biochemical signal to the cells in the corresponding organ manifesting as a tumor growth (cell multiplication), tissue loss or necrosis (cell decrease), or as a functional disturbance.

It is the content of the conflict that determines the location of the lesion in the brain and the location of the disease in the organ. Our subconscious or subjective feeling associates the conflict or event the very instant it occurs with a specific biological conflict theme therefore determining which part of the brain will receive the shock and which organ or tissue will be affected. For every type of conflict there is a specific type of disease and a specific area in the brain where these processes are controlled. Hence, specific biological conflicts cause specific physical responses in the body.

According to Dr. Hamer, if the conflict is resolved the process of disease is reversed, repairing the damage equally and simultaneously on all three levels (the psyche, brain, and physical body), and returning the individual to health. For more information on Dr. Hamer and The German New Medicine, please visit the official website at www.germannewmedicine.ca (available in English, Spanish and French).

By combining Dr. Hamer’s medical theories with sophisticated Astrology, we can trace early warning signs of critical illness back over the past few years to establish potential conflict triggers that may have brought about disease. According to Dr. Hamer’s research, an unexpected emotional conflict-shock usually occurs one to three years prior to medical diagnosis as disease needs time to develop in the physical body. By analyzing a person’s natal horoscope, we can identify core psychological concerns that affect identity development, one’s mindset and ways of perceiving the world. This helps understand why an emotional conflict may have been perceived the way it was.

To illustrate this point, let’s study the horoscope of actress Farrah Fawcett recently diagnosed with cancer of the intestines and anus. Farrah Fawcett was born on February 2, 1947 at 3:10 PM in Corpus Christi, Texas. Her cancer diagnosis was announced on October 4, 2006, but she learned of the devastating news after her appearance at the Emmy Awards on August 27, 2006.

Fawcett’s natal horoscope suggests a tendency to give herself away to others, leaving her own needs behind. There is vulnerability or sensitivity to being victimized or pushed around by life experiences. A dominant configuration in her natal chart suggests being overly eager to relate emotionally to others, wanting to jump at the chance to really feel and give love. But at the same time it is laced with anxiety, particularly with regard to her sense of lovability. The way she needs to relate to others and the tension that accompanies it threaten to run away with her entire personality. It is most likely overcompensating behaviorally for something lacking or missing in her early formative years.

The horoscope points to confusion, doubt or “something other than it seems” with regard to her self-worth and identity, stemming from her early home life involving one or both parents. Someone or some situation probably stifled her personal power needs and power expression. In terms of the father, the horoscope suggests inferiority feelings taken on from a distant father figure who may have been absent, authoritative or passive.

The impact of the paternal relationship spills-over to affect her adult personal relationships and may have impacted the value and significance she attributes to sex. Moreover, the main tension structure in her horoscope highlights self-worth concerns, and issues about feeling valued or not by others. Contemplating loss, fearing wipe-out or feeling resource-less may be important considerations as well.

We can study Fawcett’s horoscope in terms of potential health concerns such as areas of the physical body predisposed to weakness, and psychological concerns that can undermine or threaten health. Fawcett’s horoscope confirms potential fragility with the intestines, anus and rectum(1). These weak bodily organs could be somehow linked to concerns involving her mother and/or children(2). Further, illness may be connected to being easily deceived or misled by other people’s actions, being misguided in love, or having a disappointed hope or idealistic mindset, and as well, possibly linked to her profession, reputation and status.

These are the core issues or concerns in Fawcett’s natal horoscope. How much anxiety exists, to what extent and why, can only be ascertained through rich dialogue with Farrah Fawcett. Only her corroboration can fill in the missing pieces and bring the horoscope to life. For this reason a consultation with an astrologer should be a two-way discussion so that the astrologer can reflect back to the client that which they should be seeing in themselves. Dialogue is essential for understanding how a life is being lived. Celebrity horoscopes are fascinating to study but without their input we have no way of knowing how they perceive events in their lives.

Looking at the planetary activity in Fawcett’s horoscope over the past three years, we see strong astrological indicators suggesting that the onset of disease may have begun as early as the beginning of 2003(3). What conflicts or traumas occurred in Fawcett’s life at that time that she may have been unable to digest or eliminate? On January 7, 2003 her son Redmond O’Neal was arrested and charged with forgery for trying to cash fake checks. Three months later in April, prosecutors agreed to dismiss the charges on the condition that her son successfully completes a drug treatment program as he was addicted to heroin however he failed to do so. On April 23, 2003 a judge ordered one more chance to her son to undergo residential drug treatment for heroin addiction in order to avoid the forgery charge punishable by up to two years in a state jail.

Without speaking to Farrah Fawcett we do not know how she perceived this conflict the very instant it occurred, but the astrological activity in 2003 corroborates a difficult year in terms of health, and that her perception of events involving her son may have triggered the onset of cancer. Additionally the astrological activity in the first six months of 2003 suggests being deceived through the emotions or having a disappointment in love possibly involving children(4).

In an interview with The National Inquirer in February 2006 (some 6 months before being diagnosed with cancer), Farrah Fawcett discussed her son’s drug addiction, Ryan O’Neal’s role as Redmond’s father, and the false allegations that Fawcett is addicted to drugs. In the article Fawcett says, “The reason we are not together is over our different views on parenting. For Redmond, living with his dad was like being at Disneyland.” Fawcett also admits that she has missed out on acting parts because Hollywood thinks she is on drugs, which she says is false. Further she blames Ryan O’Neal for their son’s drug problems and went public with her feelings in the interview claiming that Ryan O’Neal is responsibility for allowing their son to spiral out of control. Fawcett says she fears the worst for her son who she claims has been using drugs since he was 13, “It’s still going on and I guess it will be until Raymond quits, dies or is jailed.”

Fawcett told the National Inquirer she lives in fear of receiving a phone call telling her that her son is dead and she blames her years of hell on her on-off-on relationship with Ryan O’Neal.

The conflict involving her son appears to have been on-going and unresolved for at least three years (Redmond was arrested in January 2003; the interview with the National Inquirer was in February 2006). In other words, it is a possible emotional conflict-shock which she may have been unable to digest or eliminate.

Another potential conflict could pertain to a fear of being made useless associated with the anus and the rectum. Fawcett says she has not been able to get the roles she has wanted because of false drug allegations. In 2005, she starred in her own reality TV Show called Chasing Farrah, however the show was short-lived and lasted a few episodes.

There were other significant life events that could have attributed to the onset of disease as well. Fawcett suffered several personal losses including the deaths of friend Rodney Dangerfield (on October 5, 2004), her beloved mother Pauline Fawcett (on March 4, 2005), her agent Jay Bernstein (on April 30, 2006), and her mentor Aaron Spelling (on June 23, 2006).

How Fawcett perceived these losses in her life can only be understood through discussion with her but we can deduce from studying her natal horoscope that her mindset (her perception) is conditioned by self-worth and lovability concerns, and being easily victimized, pushed around or deceived by others.

In February 2007 (on Fawcett’s 60th birthday), the Associated Press reported that Fawcett is now cancer free! Hopefully Fawcett has been able to digest and eliminate whatever conflicts may have obstructed her body’s digestive pipes.


1 Mercury and the sign of Virgo rule over the intestines, and Mercury rules the 12th house of critical illness. Jupiter in Scorpio, the sign ruling over the anus and rectum, rules the 6th house of health. Jupiter is square to Mercury.

2 Jupiter in the 5th house of children is quindecile the North Node, symbolic of the mother or maternal influence, positioned in the 12th house.

3 In mid-2003, Saturn was transiting through the 12th house of critical illness, conjunct the Moon ruler of the health-center Ascendant and conjunct the Ascendant as well. Simultaneously, tr. Saturn was sesquiquadrate to Mercury, ruler of the 12th house of critical illness. In March 2003 through January 2004, tr. Neptune was opposed Pluto. When this configuration occurs, it can symbolize that something may be developing that is unknown or undiagnosed, particularly when it accompanies other indicators of illness concern. Whenever Pluto is configured with Saturn or Saturn with Pluto in hard aspect configuration, it suggests a time of difficulty or loss. In March 2003, transiting Pluto was sesquiquadrate to Saturn, and in May 2003 transiting Saturn was semisquare to Pluto.

4 In February and May 2003, Solar Arc Venus=Moon/Neptune and Venus=Neptune/Ascendant. Venus co-rules the 5th house of children. In the natal horoscope, these two midpoints are also configured with natal Mercury ruler of the 12th house of critical illness.

Farrah Fawcett's Natal Chart


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