Client Case: Career Choices (December 2004)

December 21, 2004

Here’s an interesting consultation I had yesterday, where Noel Tyl’s Vocational Midheaven Extension Technique helped me out tremendously!

The female horoscope is May 11, 1965; 5:46 PM; Madrid, Spain (Asc 21 Lib 30; MC 25 Can 07; see horoscope below).

All I knew about her prior to the consultation was that she was a single mother who had given birth to her only child (a daughter) in December 2003.

I was looking at the following line-up, and my thoughts were “Wow, this woman is about to embark on a big, big project, possibly with real estate or involving children.

Tr. Saturn conjunct the MC (9/04, 6/05)

SA Ura=Jup (Ura r. 5th; 8/05; “big break; boundless optimism; intensification of the reward symbolism)

SP Moon conjunct Saturn in the 5th (8/05; Sat r. 4th)

Tr. Jupiter conjunct the Asc (9/05)

SA Plu=Jup/Ura (10/05, “tremendous drive toward success; publicity; gains”)

Tr. Ura opp Mar (Mar r. 7th; 3/06, 12/06; “application of great energy”; tr. Ura in the 5th)

SA Plu=Mar/Jup (3/06; extreme creative self-application; enterprise; demanding success from the environment; the really big picture)

Tr. Ura opp Plu (4/06, 2/07; Pluto in the 11th, r. 2nd)
When I asked her what she projected for herself over the next 6 to 12 months, she said she wanted to spend as much time with her baby and financially wouldn’t need to work for about one year. She had rental income from her apartment in Spain, and was living in the house she bought in Brazil since 2002. She would visit her family in Spain for 1 or 2 months in May 2005.

I kept insisting that next year from June to September 2005, she would be ambitiously and strategically planning, and I felt sure there was an enormous project on the horizon. But with her natal Sun in the 8th and Moon in the 12th (the sense of being withdrawn), it was like pulling teeth to get information out of her!

So I focused on the Vocational MC-Extension Technique:

1). MC in Cancer, ruled by Moon in Libra in the 12th quintile MC.

2). Moon disposited by Venus in Taurus in the 8th (Ven r. 8th); Venus conjunct Jupiter (r. 3rd), Venus sextile MC and quintile Saturn in the 5th ruling the 4th.

I put together the following statement, “a caring, nurturing profession; needing to be appreciated working behind the scenes; consulting or teaching children in a home environment. Have you thought about working with children…a day-care program within the home?”

Boy, did I say the right thing! She replied with, “Well, for several years, my friend and I have been talking about opening a center for underprivileged children. She has already bought the land for the project, and done the paper work to create a non-profit organization. And we’ve been talking with friends who are very interested in participating and helping us to finance the idea.”

My mouth nearly dropped wide-open! “Hallelujah! Thank you, thank you…that’s exactly what I see here!!! This project is very big and has the potential to be extremely successful!”

Patience, persistence, and the Vocational MC Technique saved the day!

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